World Ocean Day: Make a difference with microbead-free beauty

Help us celebrate World Ocean Day, Friday June 8th, by doing your bit to protect our blue planet and go microbead-free!  It's time to ditch those tiny coloured plastic spheres often found suspended in scrubs and shower gels, as well as many other toiletries and cosmetics, and opt instead for a little natural beauty.  The US banned the production of rinse-off cosmetic products containing plastic microbeads in July 2017, with the sale of rinse-off microbead cosmetics due to be prohibited from July this year. So now's the perfect time to look for some more natural alternatives.

Microbeads are often used in beauty products to help exfoliate the skin. However, once these minute plastic particles get rinsed away down the sink, they are too small to be picked up in water treatment filters and end up being washed out to sea where they get swallowed up by all sorts of sealife. The harmful little synthetic pellets then build up in the digestive system of the fish, eventually killing them. They can also pass toxins up the food chain and into the fish we eat.

As they are non-biodegradable, once microbeads enter into the marine environment they are impossible to remove. Conservationists now estimate that if we continue releasing plastic into the sea at the current rate, measured by weight, there will be more plastic than fish by 2050.*

So it's time to help put a stop to this plastic pollution starting with your very own beauty regime. At  Westlab we're dedicated to promoting healthier skin while protecting the world's oceans and have got the perfect alternative to those synthetic skin buffers with our natural mineral salts. Just add a handful to your shower wash in the shower to create a naturally smoothing skin polish. Not only will your body be left feeling buffed and silky soft but you will be helping to support our seas and oceans by keeping them plastic-free.

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