Positive Effects of Dead Sea Salt on Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic health condition that causes scaling and inflammation anywhere on the body. It has important consequences, both physically and emotionally. Other than the pain, irritation and swelling, it also results in depression and low self-esteem.  For millions of years, the healing powers of the Dead Sea are acknowledged by people. This is due to the fact that the waters of the Dead Sea are 10 times as salty as the ocean, which makes it rich in magnesium and other minerals. Dead Sea also attracts thousands of people for psoriasis treatment.

 However, not all patients have the money and time to visit Dead Sea. Various products are being made from the salt of the Dead Sea to give hope to those suffering from Psoriasis. Rather than spending dollars in travel, they could immerse themselves in their own bathtub and experience “Dead Sea” by using these products. Some benefits of using Dead Sea salt products as psoriasis remedies are given here,

  • Dead Sea salt is grainy in nature and has minerals such as calcium and sodium. As a result, it is perfect for exfoliation. It removes thick dead skin cells, bacteria and grime from the skin.
  • The red and flaky plaques and the joint pain of psoriasis arthritis are due to inflammation. The most important health benefit of Dead sea salts is their anti-inflammatory property,
    1. Dead Sea Salt is rich in anti-inflammatory agents, zinc and bromide. They help to reduce inflammation all over the body.
    2. Dead Sea salt psoriasis homeopathic remedies improve the blood circulation. This maintains optimum skin pH by infusing fresh oxygen throughout the skin cells, which lowers inflammation.
  • Magnesium, potassium, Sodium and Calcium present in the Dead Sea salts are good for maintaining moisture in the skin.
  • Minerals present in Dead Sea salt penetrates deep into the skin. A Dead Sea salt bath would make the patient’s skin more permeable. Therefore, any skin cream applied after the bath could reach deep and provide long lasting result.
  • Bacteria and fungi plays an important role in psoriasis and Dead Sea salts create a hostile environment for them to exist.

If you are affected by Psoriasis, make use of Dead Sea salts and save yourself from pain and heartbreak.

About the author

The author is working as a medical counselor for many years. Her special field of interest is naturopathic therapy and has written various articles about Psoriasis and Dead Sea salts. She recommends Westlab for Psoriasis remedies. For more details, visit http://www.westlab.us/